PT Mandiri Frozen Food

Our Reliable Suppliers Of Frozen Food , Open Up Business Opportunities For Resellers , Agencies Throughout Indonesia .
This Business Opportunity Long-Term Nature So Do Not Hesitate To Start A Business With Us.
We Also Accept Reservations For Hotels, Restaurants , Merchants Sausage , Cafe , Cafeteria , Agents, Resellers In Almost All Of Indonesia .

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Company Information PT Mandiri Frozen Food

Company Name
PT Mandiri Frozen Food
Company Details
Address :
Jalan Haji Rawit no.85 Paninggilan,Ciledug Tangerang
Banten , Indonesia
Fax :
Year Of Establishment
We Sell
bento frozen food,olahan sate seafood bakar,rujak cireng,kentang french fries,sosis bakar bandung,semua produk frozen food
Number Of Employee/s
Our reliable suppliers of frozen food , open up business opportunities for resellers , agencies throughout Indonesia .
This business opportunity long-term nature so do not hesitate to start a business with us.
We also accept reservations for hotels, restaurants , merchants sausage , cafe , cafeteria , agents, resellers in almost all of Indonesia .